Course (classroom / course)

Saturday reqular venue
[Taijiquan (Tai-Chi)・Traditional Wushu))
Ever Saturday 17:30~20:30 IKUTA culture Hall ¥4,000 / month  
Saturday reqular venue [Changquan(Long Fist)・Kung-Fu] Ever Saturday 17:30~20:30 IKUTA culture Hall ¥5,500 / month  
Sword Study Group Ever Thursday 18:30〜20:30 Kobe Women’s University
education center
¥1,000 / once  
KOBE Baji quan
(bǎ shì fáng)
Ever Friday 18:30〜20:30 Kobe Women’s education center ¥5,500 / month  
Taiji (Tai-Chi) sword Sunday

IKUTA culture Hall
Comista KOBE
KOBE Elementry School

¥12,000 / 8 times in 1 term: In case of Through attendance
Spot attendance:¥1,700 each time

8 times in 1 term
Fan  class  2nd, 4th Thursday

Kobe Women’s University
education center


Taiji (Tai-Chi ) sword・Fan

Kakogawa General Cultural Center

Fan only ¥10,000
 Sword only ¥7,500 
Fan and sword ¥16,500
Spot attendance: ¥1,500 each time

8 times in 1 term
Now Suspended to prevent corona damage!
Push Hand Seminar 1st, 3rd, (5) th Saturday 

YAMANOTE community welfare center

¥2,000 / once

Push Hand biginner class 1st, 3rd, (5) th Monday 
Kobe Overseas Chinese
General meeting house 

¥1,500 / once

Now Suspended to prevent corona damage! 
Sun-style Taijiquan training session 1st, 3rd, (5) th Saturday 
IKUTA culture Hall

¥1,500 / once

Whip rod introductory class 2nd Friday 18:30~20:30 Kobe Women’s University
education center 
¥2,000 / once  
Competition Taiijquan (Tai Chi) player training course  1st, 3rd, (4・5) th Friday
Kobe Women’s University
education center
¥4,000 / month  


About lecturer / instructor dispatch / lecture

The NPO Kobe Tajiquan Association dispatches instructors and instructors to various places such as public organizations, companies, schools, cultural centers, and sports clubs.
We will respond to various requests such as a course for beginners aiming at health and beauty, a full-scale course where you can learn Taijitu self-defense, and a course that teaches Taijiquan (Tai-Chi) in English.
Please feel free to contact us.


You can get "grade" and "class" of Taijiauan (Tai-Chi) and Changquan(Long Fist).

"Official Tai Chi Skill Test (Dan Level System)" "Official Changquan(Long Fist) Skill Test (Dan Level System)" is to encourage the improvement of skills of Tai Chi enthusiasts and promote their spread. This is a nationwide qualification certification system that has been established by JAPAN WUSHU TAIJIQUAN FEDERATION(JWTF)since 1995.
Those who have passed the certification test and are registered will be issued a "certificate" and a "badge".
JAPAN WUSHU TAIJIQUAN FEDERATIONJWTF) is a public interest incorporated association approved by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).
It is a member of Japan Sport Association(JSPO) and Japanese Olympic Committee(JOC), and is certified as a "certified instructor", "certified referee", "Taijiquan skill test" and "Changquan skill test."
JWTF hold all-Japan championships and dispatch Japanese national teams to international competitions.
In response to this skill test system, the NPO Kobe Taijiquan Association conducts tests (5th and 2nd grade) for members on a schedule of twice a year, the first half and the second half.
You can use this skill test system to know your own learning level, and by taking the exam, you can aim to improve your skills.
Please see the information below for exam rules.
Necessary documents such as application forms will be handed over through the instructors and managers of each classroom / course.
Please contact us if you would like to take the test.


The Kobe Wushu Team is active as an affiliated organization (team) of the NPO Kobe Taijiquan Association.
The high-level instruction of coaches is characterized by being polite and consistent from basic to advanced, and even beginners and children to adults can learn with confidence, even if they are worried because they do not have much exercise experience.
Starting from beginners, we teach and train a large number of athletes who are active in winning and winning national competitions.