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Activity philosophy


Taijiquan & Wusu Kungfu
for Enriched Life

Kung Fu
Taijiquan (Tai-Chi)

Wushu was born in China and has developed in its eternal history and profound traditional culture. Martial arts are also known as Kung Fu. Tai chi quan is a type of martial arts and kung fu, but it is also called "Tai-Chi" in Europe and the United States, and it is the first time in Japan to have "health law," "lifelong sports," and "competitive sports." Along with martial arts, it is loved by many people.


As a sports NPO

After its establishment in 1981, the association became a specified non-profit organization (NPO corporation) in 2002, and has Tai Chi and martial arts that can be performed according to physical strength and interests from young people to elderly people, beginners to advanced people. We are engaged in various activities with the aim of expanding the possibilities and interacting with a wider range of fields.


Create and create "body", "people", and "community"

Through Taijitu and martial arts, "body building" as a health method and social physical education.

"Human development" to cultivate etiquette and martial arts through training of leaders, training of athletes, and rigorous practice of martial arts.

We are aiming for a wide range of social activities through "community building" where anyone can participate and interact across generations.




Date of establishment

February 5, 2002 (Heisei 14)


502 Axia Shimoyamatedori, 5-1-5 Shimoyamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe

Representative phone number



FAX: 078-382-8612


Business content

Business related to the Specified Nonprofit Corporation Law (related to Article 2 of the attached table)

(1) No. 1 Activities to promote health, medical care or welfare

(2) No. 2 Activities to promote social education

(3) No. 3 Activities to promote community development

(4) No. 4 Activities to promote culture, art or sports

(5) No. 9 International cooperation activities

(6) No. 11 Activities to promote the healthy development of children

Business activities

(1) Business related to holding various Chinese martial arts such as Tai Chi, qigong, health law classes, practice sessions, workshops, performances, exchange competitions, etc.

(2) Business related to training and dispatching coaches and instructors for the previous issue

(3) Business related to mutual exchange between Japan and China, such as dispatching training teams and inviting guidance experts

(4) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose


39 regular members 513 general members (As of Decemberl 1, 2020)